The favourite store of “SUMATHI AARI MATERIALS “ Velacheri now, bring this online website with a perfect blend of high quality aari materials along with various other craft & jewellery accessories.

Sumathi aari materials was set up in the 2017 with aari work supplies in the busy city Chennai . It was meant to be a “ladies” store and thus stocked with aari mateials like stand, frame, beads,MIRROR & jewellery materials.
We got a lot of encouragement from our customers to get ourselves on the online platform.!

It was a slow and steady running our online store through Facebook and you tube. Our service was loved by many customers across India and aboard.

The transition from our Facebook page to this website was not easy. It took a lot of hard work to work out the skeleton and layout of this website. We wanted a very user friendly web page which would be comfortable for all age groups. Our “small” team kept working hard to get this website where it is now. And the result looks very promising!

We are so grateful to our customers. With their constant support and encouragement, we have grown up to where we are now .

We really hope you enjoy your stay at our website and have a pleasurable experience shopping with us. Happy shopping! THANK YOU.